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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quebec hospitals to begin allocating recent Pfizer medication to high-risk COVID-19 patients


Key takeaways: 

  • Health officials state 6,300 treatments of Paxlovid are on their path, region to accept 19,000 additional in March.
  • Associate Deputy Health Minister Dr. Lucie Opatrny stated Quebec had developed a program to prioritize care as hospitals become overburdened. 

New Pfizer medicine for high-risk patients: 

Quebec will start acquiring the sought-after antiviral medication Paxlovid, but not fast enough to reduce the weighty burden that the latest wave of COVID-19 is charging on hospitals, which are preparing more extreme ways to prioritize patient care.

Nearly 6,300 treatments will be provided to the region this week, with thousands more set to arrive in the coming month.

The medication created by Pfizer, praised for its possibility to decrease hospitalizations from the virus, was authorized for emergency service by Health Canada yesterday. 

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The hospitals of Quebec to start giving Pfizer medicine to patients who have a high risk of covid

The medicine’s coming is being accepted by health officials in Quebec, as hospitals are overwhelmed by the digit of COVID-19 patients contaminated by the highly infectious Omicron variant. 

At an update on the pandemic problem in the region Tuesday, Health Minister Christian Dubé stated the medicines aren’t anticipated to instantly ease the stress on hospital beds. “We are at the end of the rope,” Dubé stated. “Our best weapon stays vaccination.” Source –

Dubé stated it’s still too early to rest pandemic limitations, given the state hospitals are in.

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