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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quebec paramedics desire to install art to reduce ambulance pressure


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Artbulance’ pilot project in the Charlevoix expects to grab on in other provinces.
  • The CTAQ ambulance co-operative is peeking for soothing art submissions. 
  • As part of a pilot project undertaken by paramedic Julie Dubuc, the art will be established in ambulances to give patients something soothing to look at. 

Some soothing art will be installed in Ambulances: 

Taking travel in an ambulance is usually a very stressful experience. But some rather responders in Quebec are expecting that staring at an artwork overhead could relax patients as they make their route to the hospital.

“No one takes a trip in an ambulance because they want to,” said Julie Dubuc, a paramedic in the Charlevoix province. “There’s so much equipment. It’s an unknown environment for specific people.” Source-

An art enthusiast, Dubuc is operating on a pilot project called Artbulance. The concept is to give individuals something to concentrate on — other than all that medical technology wrapping them.

Dubuc, who is part of the Coopérative des techniciens ambulanciers du Québec (CTAQ), was inspired by a similar initiative in Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

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The paramedics of Quebec want to install art to relax ambulance stress

“There’s a project that was accomplished at the Amos hospital, where I’m from,” stated Dubuc. “The hospital administration teamed with a local art centre and had canvases painted and suspended from the ceiling. They were set up over the beds of patients.” Source-

The Charlevoix province, where Dubuc has lived and performed for 12 years now, is comprehended for its picturesque rolling hills and spectacular views of the St.Lawrence River. It’s also understood as a sanctuary for artists, who are attracted by that natural magnificence.

But those mountains and vistas are cold comforts to a person strapped to a gurney for hours, on a sinuous road.

“In the province, we often have to cover distances that are a bit longer than in urban centres,” Dubuc stated. “When the individual in the ambulance is lying down, instead of a grey ceiling and spotlights in their face, they will have a work of art.” Source-

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