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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quebecers, with or without relations to Ukraine, step up support measures 


Key takeaways: 

  • Quebec doctor, with no cultural links to Ukraine, intends to deliver care.
  • Olha Hnatyshyn, a Concordia University student, states she’s been stuck to her phone since the war started. 
  • Her parents stay in western Ukraine. 

Quebecers care for the Ukrainians as the war escalates: 

When questioned how his family in western Ukraine is managing the intensifying war, Igor Meda, who stays in Laval, Que., responded bluntly, “It’s war, sir. It’s war.”

“It’s running well, but with my family, and my wife’s household, in general, it’s a disaster over there,” Meda spoke with Radio-Canada’s Tout un Matin.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is currently on its sixth day. 

Russia has been attacking civilian targets in Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, and a convoy of tanks and other vehicles menaces the capital, Kyiv. Numerous Ukrainian civilians spent another night crowded in shelters, basements, or corridors.

Meda is one of the multiple members of the Ukrainian diaspora in Quebec rallying to aid loved ones back home.

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Quebecers to raise helps for the Ukrainians

He stated they’re collecting food, clothes, and medicine, and the goal is to have the assistance as soon as feasible by air and sea.

“Ukraine is a powerful country,” Meda said. “I believe Ukrainians that are across the world, anywhere, are managing themselves and are attempting to support. They’re sending whatever there is that can help.”

Olha Hnatyshyn, who studies economics at Concordia University, said photos of the armed war are surprising. Both her parents stay in Lviv, close to the border with Poland, and she has mates in other country regions.

She expressed that her shock has turned into rage, directing those feelings into positive action. She states she’s participated in rallies and is donating as much as feasible.

“I got today a message from my mate in Kharkiv pleading for aid because they don’t have treatment for kids with diabetes,” she stated.

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