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Monday, February 26, 2024

Quebec’s primal and high schools to return to class Monday, Legault states


Key takeaways: 

  • Teachers ask for more safety actions before resuming offline education.
  • When schools were shut almost a week before Christmas, the return date was considered to be Jan. 10. 
  • That has since been postponed up to Jan 17.

The schools in Quebec to start offline classes on Monday: 

Quebec primal and high school learners will be back in class on Monday, less than a week away.

“It is very essential for children to go back to school, to learn, to find their friends, to find a certain normalcy,” states Premier François Legault in a post on Facebook Tuesday night.

“The extended majority of children are not at a considerable health threat with COVID. On the other hand, school delays and isolation can induce significant problems.” Source –

Legault states CEGEPs and universities will also be able to return offline and “we will give them some leeway to adjust.” Source –

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Quebec’s school to start Monday

The premier states he comprehends that returning to in-class learning can concern parents, teachers and the school team. He states it is soothing that 98 per cent of high school teens have received one dose of the vaccine, and 89 per cent have acquired two doses.

“Our elementary school children are about 60 per cent vaccinated for the first dose and their immune response is very strong at this age,” he states.

“Teachers, for their part, have been massively vaccinated and have had priority access to the third dose since the end of December.” Source –

Entire details of the government’s program are anticipated to be disclosed Thursday, but Legault states rapid tests will be made known to schools.

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