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Friday, December 1, 2023

Quebec restaurant and bar owners consider restarting in opposition to health mandates


Key takeaways: 

  • Multiple are exhausted of the cycle of start and closing and the slowness of government help.
  • Even if the government does not authorize it, bar and restaurant owners in Quebec are mull restarting on Jan. 30. 

Restaurant and Bar owners mull over reopening: 

Hundreds of Quebec restaurants and bar owners are mulling, unlocking their doors at the end of January in opposition to government health orders. The head of a group defining bar owners stated Friday.

A movement that started with a few restaurants conveying a message on social media seems to be increasing, Renaud Poulin, head of the Corporation des Propriétaires de Bars, Brasseries et Tavernes du Québec, stated in an interview.

In current days, he stated he’d accepted calls and emails from hundreds of companies who are asking about the effects of restarting on Jan. 30, although he said it’s not apparent how many will follow through.

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The restaurants and bars owners consider to restart opposing health orders rom the government

Poulin stated that his organization doesn’t recommend restaurant owners fight health authorities because of the sanctions they can encounter, but he comprehends their frustration.

“There are financial outcomes, but they’re so hopeless about losing everything, it might be the only answer left to them,” he stated. He stated that financial help proposed by the government is flawed and difficult to access, adding that Quebec has not given any timeline on when trades can restart. Source –

While the actual social media message referred to reopening without limiting vaccine passports, Poulin stated the “vast majority” of owners want to take protection and concern health efforts, including verifying backers’ vaccination status. Source –

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