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A major decision: Unvaccinated Federal employees except exempted employees will be put on unpaid leave

Employees of the Federal public sector without getting the vaccine against COVID-19 will be placed on unpaid leave today, except those granted a stay.

As per the policy, more than 1000 workers ought to miss getting their pay and not be able to get employment coverage benefits.

As of Nov. 3, the considerable majority — approximately ninety-five per cent — of federal public servants are listed to be completely vaccinated.

Out of the 267,222 employees who declared their status, approximately 3,150 have asked for some type of stay as a way to continue without a complete slate of vaccines.

The authorities stated 1,255 people are without any dose of vaccine, which represents approximately 0.5 per cent of total declared employees. And 7,284 people have completed only one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Such employees will have a time of 10 weeks after their first dose to get their 2nd dose to save themselves from being put on unpaid leave.

The government stated it might accommodate personnel who choose to remain unvaccinated for health, spiritual or different motives covered under the Human Rights Act; however, a warning issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the difficulty level of obtaining exemptions and accommodations.

No information on the number of employees imparted with accommodation or work from home opportunities was received from the Treasury Board Secretariat.

Federal public sector unions are working a way to find out the total number of the ones that received accommodation and also of total employees put on unpaid leaves.

The unions have stated they plan to report grievances if they sense an employee’s human rights were not respected.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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