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Bobby Rishiraj, a Kamloops dentist, has been barred from sedating patients permanently after being found guilty of misconduct twice

Bobby Rishiraj, a dentist in Kamloops, has been convicted of professional misconduct in relation to his sedation procedures. A B.C. dental surgeon who has been disciplined in the past for major surgical problems has been permanently forbidden from sedating patients.

According to a consent agreement with the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, Dr Bobby Rishiraj has agreed to resign as director of the Kamloops Oral Surgery and Implant Centre and pay $29,000 in fines and expenses but will keep his license.

According to a notice from the college, Rishiraj admitted to committing professional misconduct for the second time in the face of charges that he “incompetently practised dentistry.”

He admitted that he failed to keep proper sedation records, track his patients’ levels of consciousness and perform required pre-operative assessments, ensure that his staff was properly trained to assist with moderate sedation, keep medication and equipment on the clinic’s mobile emergency cart, and adequately store restricted drugs.

Rishiraj was temporarily prohibited from practice and sentenced to pay more than $100,000 in fines and expenses six years ago after a teenage girl suffered a heart attack that led to serious brain damage while she was under deep sedation.

In that case, he was barred from practising for three months and compelled to take an ethics course.

According to the college, the more recent flaws with his work were discovered during tri-annual inspections of his clinic and confirmed through a study of 17 patients’ records.

Rishiraj’s most recent disciplinary action further states that he cannot be the operator or director of any sedation clinic. He has also been formally rebuked by the college.

Source: CBC News

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