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Bruno Marchand has been elected as Quebec’s new Mayor

Bruno Marshan

Marie-Josée Savard led Marchand in the middle of the night.

With applause and chants, Bruno Marchand, Québec Forte et Fière, gave his victory speech just before midnight Sunday night.

Marchand was elected as the next mayor of Quebec with 32.3% of the vote, ahead of Marie-Jose Savard with just 834. He will replace Mayor Reggie Labor, who announced his resignation last May after leading the city for 14 years.

It was a surprising turn from events as Savard appeared to be winning at midnight.

Canada initially predicted a win for Savard. But as the voices continued to count, Marchand picked up speed, and the distance between the two narrowed and then disappeared. “Amazing night, great night,” said a cheering Marchand. “I must say that tonight is a major turning point in the history of our city.”

He thanked his team and noted that they had come a long way since the start of the party in March this year. “Let’s remember, please, that a year from now, we will have one percent [of the vote],” he said. “No name, no party, a leader who is not publicly known.

Marchand says his team is ready to make changes in the city, adding that their spell won’t leave anyone behind. “The challenges ahead are important, and if we are not united, we will not succeed,” he said. In addition, a new face in Quebec city politics is promising to work on the Labeaume project. Labeaume  approved it after working with him as a member of the city council for eight years.

Labor, who was first elected in the 2007 midterm elections, is often referred to as “King Regis” because of his tough stance. One of Marchand’s priorities is to tackle the problem of homelessness in Quebec City, and he said he would work with center groups to achieve this goal. 

He will run the office of the mayor with a minority of city council seats. 

As of 12:30 Monday, only six of Quebec’s 21 city councils were members of his party. Quipe Marie-Josée Savard won 10 city council seats, Québec 21 won four, and the new Transition Québec party won one.

Gilles Lehouillier re-elected Mayor of Lévis Across St Lawrence in Levy, Canada Gilles Lehouillier, leader of Lévis Force 10, predicted victory. He led by 12:30 hours on Monday with more than 74.8% of the vote. This will be Lehouillier’s third term. He was first elected in 2013. He won against Alhaji Mamadou Diara, chairman of Repensons Lévis, who had 20.8% of the vote at 12.30 on Monday.

Source: CBC News

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