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Canadians can expect four significant policies by Christmas, including a paid sick leave scheme

Canadians expect MPs to “hit the ground running,” according to Liberal House Leader Mark Holland, who also believes the government can collaborate with the opposition to enact four major initiatives by Christmas, including a paid sick leave scheme.

According to public health specialists, The House of Commons hasn’t met in five months, and MPs are returning this week under the parameters of a new COVID-19 vaccine mandate and amid “turbulence” from increasing case counts. To enter the parliamentary precinct in person, MPs, their staff, administrative officials, and journalists members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery must present proof of vaccination.

Liberal House Leader Mark Holland expressed, “We are in an evolving situation. We are still in this pandemic, as tired as we all are of it.” He told media on Monday that he believes the government can gain support for four specific items of legislation from other parties for rapid adoption.

Among them, he said, will be legislation that ensures continued funding for COVID-19 economic assistance. In the aftermath of several similar rallies in recent months by opponents of measures like compulsory vaccine policies, a bill to ban protests outside hospitals is also expected to pass.

Along with a measure prohibiting conversion treatment, the government will implement a 10-day sick leave for all workers in federally regulated companies. ​​Holland believes there is enough opposition support to have those four ideas adopted and enacted before Christmas, even though the House of Commons is only slated to sit until December 17 before having a holiday until the end of January.

Source: Global News

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