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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Environment Canada warns Southern B.C. of receiving high snow by Tuesday

The Okanagan Valley could see up to 15 centimetres more by this week

Weather warnings have been issued as severe snow bands are predicted for southern British Columbia. By Tuesday morning, the southern Interior could receive up to 15 centimetres of snow, while sections of Metro Vancouver might see up to 10 cm.

According to Environment Canada, snow will begin to fall this evening in the province’s southern Interior, and it won’t be gentle flakes. The National Weather Service has issued multiple special weather bulletins for the area, warning people that “strong bands of snow” might form Monday night and produce up to 15 cm of snow by Tuesday morning.

The Okanagan and Similkameen valleys, the Fraser Canyon, the Boundary, Nicola, Shuswap, North and South Thompson regions, Slocan Lake, and 100 Mile House are affected.

The Elk Valley, which includes Fernie, is predicted to receive the most snowfall, projected up to 20 centimetres. According to drivers, weather in the highlands can change quickly, resulting in hazardous driving conditions.

The Coquihalla Highway, wherein crews are working to rebuild bridges and structures damaged by landslides and water in November, is predicted to be particularly hazardous.

Environment Canada has also identified Highway 3 between Hope and Princeton, open only for critical traffic, Highway 97 between Clinton and 100 Mile House, and the Okanagan Connector (Highway 97C) as potential dangerous places. A chilly, unstable air mass off the coast could also bring snowy weather to the Lower Mainland.

Source: CBC News

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