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Monday, February 26, 2024

Fair support extended by the federal government to those affected by capacity constraints

Fair support extended by the federal government to those affected by capacity constraints

The federal government is extending lockdown assistance to persons and enterprises experiencing capacity constraints. The Finance Minister refused to say when one-time payments for seniors who had their GIS benefits revoked will be made.

As much of the country struggles with rising COVID-19 infections and additional limitations are introduced, the federal government is increasing access to pandemic financial assistance.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined the measures during a virtual media briefing on Wednesday. After six staff members and security detail tested positive for COVID-19, Trudeau stated he was taking local public health recommendations.

“If you’re subject to capacity limiting constraints, you’ll be able to apply for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit and the Local Lockdown Program,” Trudeau stated.

​​Capacity restrictions are part of a slew of new policies enacted recently in many provinces in response to the significant rise of COVID-19 infections. The latest pandemic wave has been particularly severe in Ontario and Quebec, with the latter reporting a new case total of 6,361 on Wednesday.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland indicated that the government would be modifying what they called a “lockdown,” allowing businesses and employees to apply.

Employees who have lost more than half of their income in places where governments have imposed capacity limitations of 50% or more will now be entitled to the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit. It implies that more Canadians will benefit from the $300-per-week programme.

Source: CBC News

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