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Thursday, December 9, 2021

France Belisle is the first female Mayor of Gatineau

France Belisle

France Belisle was elected mayor of Gatineau, making her the city’s first female Mayor.

It is a reverence to be elected as Gatineau’s first female mayor after the merger,” she said in her victory speech. This place, our place, should be filled with the competence and experience we have gained – and it has no gender.”

Her success came as a shock to some observers. The runner-up, Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, has taken over the Action Gatineau action from Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, the city’s mayor who has retired from political life. Pedneaud-Jobin supported Marquis-Bisonet during the election campaign and had to replace him as mayor.

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In the middle of the campaign, the CROP poll showed Belisle with 12 percent of the vote, behind Marquis-Bissonnette. Who voted with 22 percent of the vote. “It was David versus Goliath, and David won. The real citizen movement is us, my friends,” said Belisle, directing a shot at Action Gatineau, who was criticized during the campaign for masquerading as a “citizen movement.”

First Female Mayor Of Gatineau

In a recent interview with the newspaper, Belisle cited infrastructure as the most critical challenge for the next mayor of Gatineau.

“The most important issue is infrastructure: road infrastructure, but also cultural, recreational, and sports infrastructure,” she said. She also points to the need for offspring at the town hall to meet the needs of a thriving city.

“She think the city of Gatineau should change. She’s been at the same party for eight years.” Voters rejected Marquis-Bissonnette’s platform. Which is difficult regarding ecological sustainability, securing federal funds for public transport, and tackling the climate crisis. Belisle’s message of change, her promise of greater transparency at the town hall, infrastructure plans to support Gatineau’s population growth, and her vision of a revitalized inner city all resonated with voters.

Allegations have surfaced on the Internet that she had observed a “toxic” work environment at the Tourisme Outaouais. However, she denied the allegations, found that no formal complaints had been filed, and even suggested that Action Gatineau may have orchestrated the charges against her, Le Droit reported, an indictment the party vehemently denied.

Belisle won 29,734 votes as of Sunday, nearly 43% of the total vote. Marquis-Bissonnette received 26,159 votes, almost 38% of the total, and Jean-François Leblanc, a former city council member, running for mayor, had 11,330 votes, enough for 16% of the vote.


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