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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Governor General’s office imposed immediate actions on strengthening the internal network as unauthorized access to its internal network was spotted

According to the Office of the Secretary to the Governor, Gen. Mary Simon, there was ‘unauthorised access to its internal network,’ with the nature of the violation still being investigated.

According to a report published Thursday morning, the Office of the Secretary to the Governor-General (OSGG) is cooperating with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security on the assessment and “took urgent action to improve its network,” according to a report published Thursday morning.

According to the release, “the OSGG is continuing its work with experts and pursuing additional network upgrades as needed.” Ian McCowan is Simon’s secretary, having joined the Privy Council Office as deputy secretary to the cabinet in February 2021.

The OSGG has also communicated with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner about the incident, seeking to secure the personal information of persons who work and engage with the office “a priority.”

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and the Cyber Centre acknowledged in a separate statement that they are investigating a “recent cyber incident.” Still, they declined to comment on specifics such as the breadth of the attack or when it was detected.

“We are collaborating extensively with OSGG to ensure that comprehensive systems and tools are in place to monitor, identify, and investigate possible risks, as well as to neutralise threats when they arise,” the statement stated. “Cyber risks can arise from system or application weaknesses, as well as from deliberate, persistent, and targeted attacks on information by outside players.”

Source: CTV News

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