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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Londoners can relish food from the West Coast at this Vancouver-inspired restaurant

The Granville Market wrap containing tofu and vegan sausage, titled after a major Vancouver market

The unique ‘Canadian experience,’ according to a U.K. dining expert, is a lure, but the new restaurant faces a difficult path ahead. During a trip to Vancouver’s Kitsilano area two years ago, Londoners Livia Boumeester and Louisa Stevenson-Hamilton were so charmed with the area that they chose to remain for a while and leave their professional jobs aside.

“It was quite laid-back and youthful. Everyone seemed to be simply chilling out, “Boumeester, who lives in a beachfront neighbourhood west of the city’s centre, agreed. The 27-year-old best friends worked in the industry for a year at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club and spent their leisure time exploring British Columbia and Canada.

“The concept of being able to ski and go to the seaside while living in a metropolis was such a fresh idea coming from London,” Stevenson-Hamilton explained. They loved it so much that when they returned to London in late summer 2020, they took the life-changing decision to leave their finance jobs and invest all of their savings in creating their own piece of Kitsilano in a southwest London neighbourhood.

They opened a restaurant named after one of Vancouver’s trendiest streets, West 4th, in early October. “Everyone told me not to do it,” Boumeester stated. “However, it seemed right.” The menu at West 4th is influenced by Canadian resources and the food Boumeester, and Stevenson-Hamilton fell in love with while travelling across Canada.

The Granville Market wrap containing tofu and vegan sausage, titled after a major Vancouver market, or the Maple Ridge, eggs benedict with Canadian bacon, named after a Vancouver suburb, are both available for brunch. Venison and cranberry tartare, and cured salmon are two dinner alternatives.

Source: CBC News

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