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Monday, October 2, 2023

Montreal mayor calls on Quebec for ‘full’ pandemic reopening plan


Key takeaways: 

  • Plante calls for a substantial schedule for spring, summer as noticed in other regions like Ontario.
  • As a new rink opens, Montreal’s Quartier des blights, noticed here lately, is usually jumping with individuals for year-round festivals.

Montreal’s mayor intends to reopen completely: 

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante calls on the regional government to deliver a substantial reopening schedule for the spring and summer.

Plante states the city is entering a critical stage for reserving significant tourist occasions like festivals and conventions, and the unpredictability is setting numerous events scheduled for the town at stake.

Venues must remove health guidelines to prepare their events; Plante spoke at a press conference Sunday, accompanied by Glenn Castanheira, Montreal’s downtown business association general manager, and Yves Lalumière, president of Tourisme Montréal. 

“Other regions have this program; they have this predictability, but not Quebec,” Plante told, meaning to Ontario, which declared a complete schedule on Jan. 20 that includes a full reopening in mid-March. Source –

“Montreal, as a cultural metropolis, economic locomotive, requires this program to help its complete [cultural] industry,” she stated. Source –

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Quebec government needs to reopen fully for the city’s reputation for events and occasions

Lalumière told Montreal is “an active and vibrant city,” besides it’s now sensed as closed, without schedules to reopen. 

“Our hotel associates, airline partners, cultural partners, gastronomic partners, are exasperated and are frustrated by the absence of planning,” he stated.  Source –

“Montreal earns almost a week’s worth of planning.” Source –

A threat to Montreal’s reputation

Montreal is at risk of losing ground to its rivals as sports, cultural, and convention planners in distinct need answers, Lalumière stated, adding that some are on the brink of withdrawing events planned to take place in Montreal due to the lack of predictability.

He stated there is a “massive risk” to Montreal’s financial health and reputation as an open city, as cities like Chicago, Boston, and New York are all open. Source –

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