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Friday, December 1, 2023

Montreal mayor promises to save neighborhood police stations after chief urges slashing prices


Key takeaways: 

  • The rival blames the Projet Montréal administration for holding discussions with police quietly during the municipal election.
  • Montreal Valérie Plante, speaking at an online executive committee conference Wednesday, states her administration desires to save vicinity police stations. 

The mayor of Montreal pledges to save the police stations: 

Montreal’s mayor urges her administration has no purpose of decreasing the number of police stations in the city despite the chief’s recommendation that rising back on physical locations could be a cost-cutting step.

“Area policing is very significant,” stated Mayor Valérie Plante during Wednesday’s executive council meeting when the topic waked. Source –

“We will never do anything to place that in danger. On the opposite, we want to provide the link between the local community and police is even more powerful.” Source –

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The mayor of Montreal vows to protect the area police stations

Shutting stations — first cited publicly this month as Montreal’s 2022 budget was under review — could lower police operating expenses without risking resident safety. SPVM police Chief Sylvain Caron described the city’s finance committee.

Caron stated the police service is over budget and requires a significant overhaul. He noted that slicing expenses associated with holding physical locations would let the police service reinvest those budgets into developing a more substantial police presence.

The proposal arrives as the SPVM looks for methods to restrict additions to its already big annual budget, assessed at $724 million for 2022. The actual spending on public security now amounts to almost 18 percent of the city’s budget.

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