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New face as Quebec’s Mayor, Bruno Marchand ready to lead the city

The great victory of Bruno Marchand, Québec Forte et Fière, being elected as  Mayor of Quebec was celebrated with his victory speech just before midnight Sunday night.

Mayor Reggie Labor announced his resignation last May after successfully presenting the city for a span of 14 years. Along with Marie-Jose Savard, Bruno Marchand was also in for the position of Mayor of Quebec, to a surprise Bruno Marchand won with high votes of 32.3%, as Marie-Jose Savard got just 834.

A surprising evening for Bruno Marchand with a turning point in the history of Canada

With the start of counting votes, Canada had anticipated Marie-Jose Savard to win. Going forward with the votes counted, Bruno Marchand rapidly crossed the winning line with a huge difference. Bruno Marchand expressed his joy with the words “Amazing night, great night,” “I must say that tonight is a major turning point in the history of our city.”

The winning moment did not let Bruno Marchand forget to thank his team and their efforts on a long journey right from the beginning of the party in March this year. Bruno Marchand also added “Let’s remember, please, that a year from now, we will have one per cent [of the vote],” “No name, no party, a leader who is not publicly known.

Bruno Marchand announced that along with his team, will make changes in the city to bring everyone forward. Being a new face in Quebec city politics Bruno Marchand promises to work on the Labeaume project.

Homelessness is a major issue of Quebec City, Bruno Marchand feels to prioritise Homelessness issue with the help of centre groups and achieve goals at the earliest.

Source: CBC News

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