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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New federalist Quebec party to concentrate on bilingualism, minority rights


Key takeaways: 

  • The Canadian Party of Quebec seeks to draw voters ‘backstabbed’ by CAQ Liberals.
  • Colin Standish, the representative for the new Canadian Party of Quebec, said the party plans to run candidates in the fall regional election and officially launch once it has met the criteria approved by Quebec’s director general of elections.

The founders of a new federalist party say they intend to field candidates in the next Quebec local election to fill a “gaping void” in Quebec politics about minority rights, including anglophone language rights.

The party behind the Canadian Party of Quebec, led by agent Colin Standish, declared a press release late Monday, saying it wants to deliver a voice to Quebec voters who “feel backstabbed and left by the CAQ and the Quebec Liberal Party.”

Standish, a Université de Sherbrooke law graduate, founded a party called the Exploratory Committee on Political Options to investigate whether there was enough backing for a new political party, following his work with a task force fought against the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s offered language legislation, Bill 96.

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Canadian Party of Quebec, led by agent Colin Standish

While protecting minority language rights is one of his new group’s founding principles, Standish thinks the Canadian Party of Quebec will have appeal outside the anglophone community.

“We require a progressive federalist alternative committed in its defense of human rights and freedoms, of language rights, and making a narrative that can connect all Quebecers — English, French speaker, newcomer, and Indigenous, in common cause,” Standish said in an interview Tuesday. The group will officially launch in the next month, he said.

The Canadian Party of Quebec (CaPQ) is just the latest to target disaffected anglophone and minority voters after ex Montreal mayoral candidate Balarama Holness declared his plan to make a party called Mouvement Québec.

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