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Ontario Human trafficking after a years’ investigation has further arrested six people

The arrest of six people are implemented after a years’ investigation on human trafficking in Toronto, Ontario. The York Regional Police mentioned the involvement of multiple Toronto-area police services, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to reach an outcome in the investigation process.

Moon Waiting VIP company proved to be prime information that gave rise to a mission against human trafficking.

A recent news release highlighted the key facts about the entire human trafficking investigation and the story behind the start of the mission. York Regional Police mentioned the dubbed Project Eonni that started in November 2020 due to suspected information received about a company named Moon Waiting VIP run by an “organized group of suspects”.

The company was suspected to carry out human trafficking operations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, on which the assistance of officers in Toronto and Peel Region, as well as the OPP and the CBSA, carried out search operations with 20 warrants around the locations nearby.

After a year-long investigation, news about six people facing charges are out along with the information of seizing more than $4 million from one of the accused’s account. Further to this roughly $3 million in illegal cannabis and 34 firearms and ammunition was also seized.

Investigation opened up a crime list from the past of the accused’s.

Accused were also faced by a list of charges including trafficking in persons, material benefit from trafficking in persons and procuring, laundering proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000, careless storage of a firearm, possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution.

Officials have mentioned relocating seven victims to a safe location and providing further victim support services. They have further released a note about support and protection will be provided to the victims hesitating to come forward due to immigration status concerns.

Source: CTV News

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