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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ontario thinking of third booster dose of vaccination to fight the forthcoming COVID-19 variant

A leading doctor expressed his opinion that In the aftermath of the omicron variation, Ontario is rethinking its third-dose immunisation policy. As the province reports 788 new COVID-19 instances, the first two instances of a novel variation of worry have been discovered in Ottawa.

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, said Monday that he would “not be surprised” if many more cases of a novel COVID-19 strain were discovered in the province. Dr. Kieran Moore, further stated that the ministry is considering steps to protect residents in the aftermath of a newly identified COVID-19 variation that is causing worry in the province.

Moore announced at a news conference on Monday that the province’s third dose vaccine approach could be accelerated as part of the assessment.

He further revealed that “We will be reviewing options and providing them to the government in the next few days, and I would anticipate an announcement by the end of this week on an enhanced strategy to best protect Ontarians.”

On Sunday, the government announced two cases of the novel Omicron type in Ottawa, which were both reported in people who had made the journey from Nigeria. Four new probable instances are being investigated in Ontario, with two in the Hamilton region and two in Ottawa.

While the COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy against the Omicron strain is uncertain, Moore claims it is “extremely effective against the delta variation.” Moore also mentioned a “slight increase in the number of cases” in Ontario’s intensive care units, noting the province is still focused on the current threat, that is delta.

“We already know how effective the vaccine is. We know that two doses prevent hospitalisation at a very high percentage. The third dose would simply serve to safeguard Ontarians further, “Moore remarked.

Source: CBC News

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