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Monday, October 2, 2023

Protesters against pandemic actions muster at Montreal’s Jarry Park


Key takeaways: 

  • Protestors marched in residential Villeray, ahead of the scheduled convoy to Ottawa.
  • Demonstrators marched through Villeray in Montreal Saturday, asking to stop pandemic actions, including vaccine passports. 
  • This week, the Quebec government stated that it was not ruling out stopping vaccine passports at some point. 

Rallies at the Montreal’s Jarry Park against vaccine mandate: 

Protesters in Montreal asking for the ending of COVID-19 steps marched through the roads of Villeray, ahead of a prepared convoy to Ottawa on Saturday.

Demonstrators, some waving Canadian and Quebec flags and holding posters against vaccine passports, assembled in Jarry Park this morning. 

The group, including some kids, started marching along Jarry Street before turning down the more residential Chateaubriand Avenue.

“With most nations opening up, I just don’t understand why this is going on any longer,” stated Daniel Gallino, one of the protestors.  Source –

Organizers asked protesters to join with convoys from the Beauce, and the Eastern Townships led to Ottawa before this afternoon.

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Jarry Park, Montreal is full of protestors to oppose vaccine mandate

Some of the demonstrators returned to Jarry Park after the march to hear speeches, including Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada. He states vaccine orders include a form of prejudice against the unvaccinated and immediately asked for the end of COVID-19 limitations.

Organizers also informed the group of another rally against COVID-19 limitations in Quebec City the following Saturday.

Counter-protest denounces far-right

A smaller crowd of counter-protesters also held a short march through Villeray, shouting the movement against pandemic actions “a front for the far-right.”

“While some individuals attending the Freedom Convoy protests are just objected to vaccine orders or lockdowns, it’s indefensible to be saying those views alongside known far-right actors, including conspiracy theorists advancing debunked and false viewpoints,” organizers of the counter-protest reported on Facebook. Source –

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