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Quebec City convoy instructed to leave the National Assembly


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We were requested to demonstrate peacefully; that’s what we did,’ the organizer states.
  • Rally posters in English and French were either taken by protesters or left on show in front of Quebec’s National Assembly on Friday.

Demonstraters instructed to vacate the National Assembly: 

Big trucks and cars were seen honking and driving away from the National Assembly after Quebec City cops instructed them to vacate the site by 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Earlier in the morning, cops told those parked in front of the Quebec National Assembly that they could encounter penalties and towing if they didn’t drive. At least two dozen big trucks were still there by Sunday afternoon as the rally in the regional capital moved into its fourth day.

Protesters, multiple carrying posters or waving flags, started collecting in the morning. Most had fled the site by 5:30 p.m.

The last night, drivers had been honking loudly till 10 p.m., when cops instructed them to discontinue.

“The way this weekend moved out is exquisite. Unique. Quebec has stood up,” stated Bernard Gauthier, a rally organizer, speaking to the public on Sunday. “We were requested to demonstrate peacefully; that’s what we did.” Source –

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The protest convoy in Quebec instructed to leave the National Assembly

He and other organizers said into a microphone from a makeshift stand as cops calmly watched, sporting reflective yellow vests and masks while standing guard in front of the National Assembly.

The public cheered and chanted “liberté” (freedom) while horns blasted and music burst from the speakers. Source –

Gauthier stated they intend to return shortly for another rally in the city.

Sunday’s protest was less than the rally on Saturday, which extended nearly a kilometer in length at its rise, but Mayor Bruno Marchand told it has been quiet so far.

“As long as it moves like this, there is no issue,” he informed journalists in the afternoon while attending the renowned Quebec Winter Carnival. This yearly event affects thwarting several lanes from vehicle gridlock. Source –

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