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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quebec City cops ready for truck convoy’s arrival


Key takeaways: 

  • Demonstrators pledge to have a peaceful protest.
  • André Turcotte, deputy director of the Quebec City police service (SPVQ), declared brutality, destruction, or other criminal violations would not be accepted during the protest.

The truck convoy to arrive in Quebec: 

Quebec City cops are getting prepared for the Thursday arrival of an unspecified number of demonstrators who are predicted to march their trucks and other cars through the city to oppose public health actions.

“No act of destruction, brutality or criminal violation will be accepted,” declared André Turcotte, deputy director of the police service (SPVQ). Source –

Organizers behind the rally state are preparing a peaceful protest with no purpose of attracting attention or demonstrators away from Ottawa, which peaked last weekend and resumed this week as numerous decline to leave till the government places a stop to public health limitations.

The rally slated for Quebec City, which has some protest points across eastern Quebec, seeks to deliver a closer goal for regional protesters to demonstrate their backing of those in Ottawa, organizers state on social media.

“Let those who are too far go to Quebec City with us to put stress on our side too,” states a Facebook post on the Convoi Sept-Iles/Port-Cartier page. Source –

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The cops of Quebec are ready to manage the truck convoy from Ottawa

“We have to put stress on all sides, per region!” Source –

Battles with winter carnival

Meanwhile, some politicians reach for peace and care as problems arise regarding the possible disruption citizens could face in Quebec City, where the tiny, historic streets are hundreds of years old.

The protest is scheduled during the world’s biggest winter festival. Organizers of the Quebec Winter Carnival, which extends this Friday, state they will do their best to notify the public of any schedule modifications or events.

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade stated she comprehends that individuals are hindered, and everyone has the right to oppose, but there are boundaries.

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