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Quebec City rally against health constraints moves into 4th day


Key takeaways: 

  • Quebec City cops menace to tow trucks parked on René-Lévesque Blvd.
  • The protesters, including some families with kids, cheered and waved posters asking for the stop of vaccine passports and different public health constraints. 

The protest in Quebec continue for health restrictions: 

A group has assembled in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City Sunday morning as the demonstration against public health efforts persists for the fourth day.

There are nearly two dozen heavy trucks along with the individuals on foot.

“The way this weekend rolled out is superb. Unique. Quebec has stood up. The areas are here. Thank you so much,” stated Bernard Gauthier, a rally organizer talking to the public Sunday. Source –

He and other organizers said into a microphone from a makeshift stage. At the same time, police calmly watched, wearing reflective yellow vests and masks while standing guard in front of the National Assembly.

 The public cheered and chanted “liberté (freedom)” while horns blasted and music exploded from the speakers.

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The protests in Quebec moves to 4th day against health restrictions

Sunday’s protest was more minor than Saturday, which extended nearly a kilometer in length at its peak, but Mayor Bruno Marchand stated it has been quiet so far.

“As long as it goes like this, there is no issue,” he informed reporters in the afternoon while attending the renowned Quebec Winter Carnival. This annual occasion involves stopping some roads from vehicle traffic. Source –

But Donna Ouellette was none too happy.

She possesses a grocery shop and another business on Saint-Jean Street and lives close to the National Assembly. She was substantially slowed by traffic jams Saturday.

“I had to go run chores; the police wouldn’t even let me go down Saint-Jean Street. I was stuck in gridlock for three hours to reach my parking lot,” she stated, calling the constant noise “rude.” Source –

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