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Monday, February 26, 2024

Quebec nurses who study part-time feel pricked by workload increase


Key takeaways: 

  • Some nurses say a recent collective contract forces them to decide between school, work.
  • Nurses who study part-time in Quebec state the new workload needs will leave short time for their teaching.

As the CAQ government announces its new health-care plan, promising improved working requirements for nurses, some younger nurses who work and study part-time say their voices aren’t being listened to.

“I feel like we’re being dumped behind somehow,” Marie-Pier L’Ecuyer, a nurse who works part-time at an association in the West-Central Montreal health agency, informed CBC.

“It feels bad. I feel like I’m up against a brick fence,” Garrett Johnson, another nurse who functions for the same health agency, informed CBC.

Johnson and L’Ecuyer both started their nursing careers after graduating the previous spring. Both chose to work part-time while persisting in their studies.

And both are being now compelled by their new collective deal to double the digit of shifts they work, a need that has them feeling like leaving the public system.

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CAQ government announces its new health-care plan

Only full-time students exempt

CBC first reported how the workload growth impacted part-time nurses two weeks back. Since then, some nurses who work and study part-time, including Johnson and L’Ecuyer, came to share how the change affects them.

The new collective contract between the government and the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) was signed the previous fall. Since then, the measure targeting part-time nurses has been slowly rolling out across the region.

Under the prior contract, part-time nurses were required to work at least eight shifts over 28 days — two shifts a week. The new collective deal raises 14 changes over 28 days, doubling the workload.

The measure is required for all part-time nurses in the public system with a few oddities. Nurses studying full-time are excused and can persist in working two shifts a week.

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