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Friday, December 1, 2023

Quebec premier declares stop to curfew Monday, back-to-school schedule


Key takeaways: 

  • Chilling of actions come as public health research institute expects COVID-19 hospital remains around their peak.
  • Quebec Premier François Legault stated Thursday the government’s judgment to raise the curfew on Jan. 17 is not a reply to a decline in the polls. 
  • ‘I’m not here to win a popularity contest,’ he stated. ‘I’m here to save Quebecers.’ 

The curfew in Quebec ends declared by the premier: 

Quebec’s much-maligned second curfew of the pandemic is reaching an end Monday, stated Premier François Legault as he entered key cabinet ministers to declare a calming of several COVID-19 steps Thursday afternoon.

Legault addressed Quebecers in a press conference Thursday afternoon, alongside Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, Health Minister Christian Dubé and temporary Public Health Director Luc Boileau. 

He also declared schools will be reopening to in-person education Monday, with all students wearing masks indoors. Students and educators who test positive or are in intimate contact with somebody with COVID-19 are being requested to isolate themselves for five days.

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The premier of Quebec announces the end to curfew and return to schools plan

Some CEGEPs and universities have already declared that they intend to reopen later this month.

Shops in the region, called to shut on Sundays for the previous two weeks, will be permitted to reopen on Sundays as of the following week. 

Legault stated the region has brokered a contract with a Quebec firm to buy 70 million rapid tests for at-home usage by Quebecers. Those tests will be distributed slowly over the forthcoming weeks and months. Students will accept tests in the days following their return to classes, as well. The premier stated he expected to reopen eateries and concert platforms soon to those who are enough vaccinated.

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