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Monday, February 26, 2024

Shortage of PCR-tests should not affect long-term disability advantages for those with long-COVID


Key takeaways: 

  • Some with long COVID stumble to access advantages, but PCR test should not impact the procedure.
  • In Ontario, PCR tests are now restricted to high-risk people who need medical treatment for COVID-19 infections, and those in high-risk vicinities, such as helpless populations. 

People with long covid should not be affected by the shortage of PCR tests: 

As more individuals sorrow from long COVID and try to access disability advantages, some are being requested to reveal evidence they had the illness, but an Ottawa attorney says they can work, not the disease, that finally matters.

The Ontario government started limiting access to PCR testing the previous week as a wave in COVID-19 cases put a strain on the region’s testing capacity. That means many individuals who are undergoing COVID-related symptoms aren’t able to access a PCR test, while several have access to quick antigen tests.

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Lack of PCR tests should not affect long-term disability

But neither test was unrestricted to Chantal Renaud when she acquired COVID-19 in April 2020, during the foremost wave of the pandemic.

For almost two years, the Clarence-Rockland lady has been sorrowing from shortness of breath, postural tachycardia — a fast heart rate whenever she sits or stands — extreme post-exertional malaise, and hair loss, among other symptoms all linked to long COVID. “It’s extremely debilitating,” she stated. Source –

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