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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The worst rainstorms have created hillside fell away, dumping mud and debris onto the cars and pedestrians on the road

During one of the worst rainstorms the province has experienced in decades, life-threatening situations arose on the roads. The hillside broke due to which colossal mud and debris fell onto the cars and pedestrians on the road.

Five people died, including Brett Diederichs, 36, whose sister describes the terrifying minutes leading to sudden death. Brett’s mother and partner were miraculously unharmed, according to Kirsten.

Brett Diederichs, 36, has been missing since November 2021, when he was washed away in a landslide south of Lillooet, B.C., during rainfall and mudslides. Brett Diederichs’ final words were delivered in the same way that his sister claims he spoke his entire life: to help others.

On Sunday, the storm’s worst effects were felt. Mudslides and washouts had shut down two of the three significant roadways they needed to travel on by late afternoon. The family spent the night in Kamloops before heading to their last option: Highway 99 on Monday.

Diederichs, 36, and his mother were standing on the main highway outside of Lillooet, B.C., when they noticed a mudslide rushing down the hill above them.

“They heard a huge, loud rumble. The earth trembled. My brother shouting, ‘Mom, get back in your car,’ is the last thing my mother remembers. That’s exactly what she did, just in the nick of time, “Brett’s older sister, Kirsten Diederichs, said in an interview on Wednesday. Brett was a selfless man who died in a mudslide in B.C. spent his last minutes to save his mother, as mentioned by his sister.

Source: CBC News

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