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Monday, October 2, 2023

Travelling to or from Canada? Here is something you need to know about the upcoming updates in travel rules

Domestic or International travellers of Canada will need to prepare themselves for the new travel rules to be declared on Tuesday, November 30. The way we travel inside Canada and abroad will change on Tuesday, November 30.

This is because the COVID-19 government vaccination requirement for travel on federally controlled trains and airlines will take effect, affecting the vast majority of Canadians, permanent residents, overseas tourists, and others.

While there will be certain exceptions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that they would be “very limited,” implying that travel for the unvaccinated and partly vaccinated is going to become much more difficult.

This isn’t the only change set to take place on November 30. The list of COVID-19 vaccinations that Canada can allow is growing, and the rules for individuals taking short trips overseas are also changing.

Almost all passengers who have not taken the entire course of a Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccination will be unable to board an aircraft in Canada beginning November 30, 2021. This includes travellers aged 12 and above on domestic and international flights, as well as VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer train passengers. Those who are just partially vaccinated will be denied boarding.

Individuals who have been completely vaccinated must produce proof of vaccination, such as the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination, which should be accessible in all provinces and territories soon. According to authorities, “airlines and railways would continue to be responsible for validating the vaccination status of travellers.”

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