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Trudeau advises Canadians to act responsibly during the Christmas Eve

Trudeau advises Canadians to act responsibly during the Christmas

Canadians must adopt “careful decisions about Christmas,” according to Trudeau.

Ottawa is considering tightening travel restrictions due to an increase in omicron infection.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, expressing to reporters ahead of an announcement on travel bans expected later today, warned Canadians should be cautious when making holiday schedules.

“For months, Canadians have been paying attention to COVID-19. People have demonstrated that they are capable of doing the right thing. They’ll have to be cautious and make informed decisions about Christmas. “Before the start of a Liberal caucus meeting this morning, Trudeau said in French.

With omicron variant case numbers on the rise in some regions of the country, federal and provincial officials are proposing a slew of new restrictions to keep the number of new infections under control. ​​Limits on overseas travel, for example, are one area where the federal government has indisputable authority.

With only ten days till Christmas, it’s unclear how far Ottawa will go to try to limit international travel. With tens of thousands of Canadians planning vacations overseas in the coming weeks, any new restrictions may cause havoc.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, who is now establishing an obligatory arrival testing programme at the country’s terminals for all non-U.S. foreign travellers, cautioned last week that returning passengers would face headaches.

“Canadians considering travelling abroad should be aware that the situation is both dangerous and unstable. They should also be aware that returning to Canada will almost certainly result in delays and inconvenience “Friday, Duclos stated.

Source: CBC News

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