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Monday, February 26, 2024

Quebec-College of Physicians suggests the region set tougher steps for the unvaccinated


Key takeaways: 

  • Doctor states unvaccinated individuals ‘shouldn’t be permitted in public spaces that aren’t necessary.’
  • Quebec’s professional order of physicians is suggesting the region to “step up the pace” of steps that restrict the public’s exposure to unvaccinated individuals.

Quebec’s physicians advise the region to assess more strict measures: 

Amid the Omicron surge, Quebec’s professional order of physicians — the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) — is insisting the region “step up the pace” of actions that restrict the public’s exposure to unvaccinated individuals. 

“Paradoxically, we have a curfew, hospitals are under pressure, sometimes at stage 4 of triage, and the unvaccinated can freely go to large retail shops or other public places such as the Grande Bibliothèque or the Museum of Fine Arts,” CMQ president Dr Mauril Gaudreault spoke to Radio-Canada. Source –

In a CMQ release published Saturday, Gaudreault stated “the vaccinated population can no longer suffer in silence the restrictions of health standards while the unvaccinated occupy one in two beds in short-term care and the majority of beds in intensive care.” Source –

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The physicians of Quebec requests the region to set tougher measures for the unvaccinated

This week, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé stated almost 50 per cent of COVID-19 hospitalizations are individuals who are unvaccinated and that those patients are undergoing more intense symptoms of the infection.

Gaudreault also blamed the regional government for its scarcity of clarity in communicating with the public. “Messages on testing, rapid testing and isolation are growing confusion right now,” he persisted. Source –

The doctor would like to witness the vaccination campaign for the third dose accelerated and he called on physicians to rally to support out in the vaccination centres, as they did in the spring.

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