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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Author Alice Sebold expressed her guilt of sending the wrong man to jail

Author Alice Sebold apologises to the guy who was cleared of rape in 1981. Alice Sebold apologised publicly to the man who was freed this week in the 1981 rape that inspired her novel “Lucky,” saying she was suffering from her part “inside a system that sent an innocent man to prison.”

In 1982, 61-year-old Anthony Broadwater was found guilty of raping Sebold when she was a student at Syracuse University. He was punished for 16 years in prison. After investigators reexamined the case and found severe faults in his arrest and trial, his decision was reversed on Nov. 22.

Sebold, who is the author of “The Lovely Bones” and “The Almost Moon,” wrote to Broadwater in a statement to The Associated Press that was later shared on Medium, expressing her deep regret for what he’d gone through.

“I am sorry most of all for the life you may have led being unfairly snatched from you, and I understand that no regret can and will ever repair what happened to you,” she stated. Further, she expressed that,  “I opted to trust the American justice system as a frightened 18-year-old rape victim. In 1982, my purpose was to achieve justice, not to sustain injustice. And certainly not to change a young man’s life for the rest of his life by committing the same act that had changed mine.”

Broadwater said he was “relieved that she has apologised” in a statement released by his solicitors. He continued, “That must have taken a lot of guts for her to do. It’s still terrible for me because I was unfairly convicted, but I’m hoping that this can help me in coming to terms with what occurred.”

Source: CTV News

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