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Friday, December 1, 2023

Daycare staffers, parents ask for more care as Omicron strikes the essential sector


Key takeaways: 

  • Quick-changing guidelines, scarcity of communication makes disorder and corrupt confidence states the daycare owner.
  • Colin Browne, 5, attends an emergency daycare for the kids of front-line staffers in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough on Wednesday.

Daycare staffers ask for more care after Omicron strikes: 

Not unlike schools, the daycare sector has shifted numerous times during the pandemic, embracing the latest health and safeness protocols and repairing other operations.

However, the Omicron variant has thrown a considerable twist into the industry that tends for Canada’s youngest, who don’t always get as much awareness as their school-aged counterparts.

Facing a “hyper-contagious” variant that’s worsening pre-existing staff lacks as well as fast-changing isolation conditions and less access to COVID-19 PCR testing, daycare operators, staff and parents are stating the alarm. Source –

Montreal parent Diana Dacosta considers daycare is important to Canada’s workforce.

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Daycare staffers, parents call for more care as Omicron strikes essential sector

Though it was shuttered for rare months at the very beginning of the pandemic, the Montreal dental office where Dacosta works haven’t shut since. Her four-year-old daughter, Sofia, consumes most of the day at daycare.

“If daycare staff weren’t here for us … everyone would be at the residence,” Dacosta stated. “I think they’re angels on Earth.” Source –

The daycare field has changed relatively well during earlier waves of the pandemic, according to Montreal daycare owner and operator Mona Lisa Borrega.

“Now with this new variant, the Omicron, it’s gone out of command. It’s complicated. It is hyper-contagious. I’ve never seen anything like this,” she stated. “If the whole daycare has to shut down [to isolate], where do the kids of the essential workers go? That is the issue, and the way this virus is spreading, you don’t see it coming.” Source –

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