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Friday, December 1, 2023

Nortepuro: A personal project and emerging brand targeted for the needs of the urban youth

Founded by a passionate and talented entrepreneur, Nortepuro has scaled great heights of success since inception and has set higher benchmarks. 

We have seen and heard about many passionate professionals across diverse sectors of the economy who have spread their magic in various niches. Be it be the Retail industry, IT, Healthcare, Fashion, Entertainment or any other industry, young budding talent have stood tall and ensured to mesmerize millions of customers around the world with their innate talent, skills and expertise. Pushing every limit and going beyond boundaries, the next gen entrepreneur have ensured to woo the current era of customers and have been able to steady their business ship amidst cut-throat competition and saturation all around. Lets read about one such brand which started as a personal project and today has gained humongous popularity and business, Nortepuro.

Nortepuro is a creative brand that is focused on serving the young audience around the world to cater to their urban needs in rap, graffiti, motor world, urban aesthetics, and so much more. It is a project that is related to music, graphic art, fashion, and a certain way of understanding life. The project developed, taking inspiration from the urban world. They offer a wide range of clothing, rolling papers, seeds, kits, and much more at competitive prices and fulfill their commitment to the urban world and demands of the younger generation offering them variety of products and services that have an alternative taste and exuding the attitude of being rebellious that differentiates it from the traditional stores.

At Nortepuro they try to collaborate with rappers with wide national recognition, giving publicity and repercussion to their artistic work, receiving their participation and collaboration in the dissemination of our products. For example: Kheis, Oktoba, Retro, etc. At the level of other brands of recognized international prestige, they collaborate with Cookies SF, Vibes, Raw, Bulldog, etc. 

Nortepuro founder’s personal love for rap has made the brand focus on reaching everyone who enjoys rap as an expression of their personality. That is how Nortepuro has become a place for non-conformists and independent individuals and for those who can’t find anything that fits their place in the world.

Targeting the urban youth audiences with services and products like urban aesthetics, rap, graffiti, motor world, etc, Nortepuro has an objective of reaching more and more clients and having its presence around the world. We wish them all the luck for future. For more information, do follow them on Instagram @nortepuro 

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