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Pranav Arora: Beyond being an Entrepreneur, turning into an Investor and Venture Capitalist

Pranav is so much at just 27 years of age and still wants to learn so much more to expand his businesses.

There is so much for a person to learn in life, they say. Some people have taken this very seriously and make sure to go out there to learn something new each day so that they can implement the same in their daily work and become their best versions in all that they do in their careers and lives. Especially a few youngsters have made this their goal to acquire new knowledge every day and work around new ideas to become better at their craft as professionals, experts and entrepreneurs in their respective sectors around the world. We noticed how Pranav Arora did the same and, in the process, also staggered people around him and around industries he chose to be a part of.

However, the 1995-born Indian entrepreneur who settled in the US is not just an ordinary entrepreneur; he is much beyond that. He has risen to the top as a serial entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist, speaker and also philanthropist. He always wanted to create businesses that could not just fulfil his personal goals but could go ahead in making a positive difference in the lives of his target demographic, and each of his business ventures does exactly that.

As he started his first business at the naïve age of 16 and grew it to be a million-dollar business, he was sure of his capabilities and innate skills. As years passed by, he kept focusing on improving as an entrepreneur and thus sold his first business to do much more in the business space. That is how he went ahead in helming and growing many other businesses and brands, just like JMTD Holdings and Just Funky, as the CEO and the Head of Division, respectively.

Pranav Arora (@pranavarora) now likes to invest in other businesses that shows him much promise and growth potential, and with JMTD Holdings, he supports companies with capital and value-added partnerships to take them toward the profitability and success they seek. 

As a speaker, he has a positive impact on people across the world, and as a philanthropist, he has truly changed the lives of minorities and others.

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