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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Media regret for declaring the wrong winner in the Quebec City election

Quebec City Election

Sunday may have been an amazing night for newly re-elected Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante, who performed a victory dance on stage, but a few hours away, what appeared to be a similarly fairy-tale night went wrong.

Marie-Josée Savard, a mayoral candidate in Quebec City who had the support of outgoing mayor Régis Labeaume.

Similarly gave a victory speech after her victory had been reported by some media, only to have the moment taken away. On Monday, some headlines in French-language media read, “Mayor for two hours,” as if attempting to figure out how objects could have gone so wrong. On Facebook, radio personality Daniel Brouillette of 96.9 CKOI remarked, “I’m feeling for her this morning,” even calling it likely “traumatic” for her.

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“It’s difficult enough to be defeated. Daniel Brouillette hope that the media corporations that compete to be the first to declare victory on election evenings pay attention to this.” In a race with nearly 200,000 votes cast, Savard was defeated by only 834 votes.

Bruno Marchand, a regional director for Centraide, defeated the psychologist and city councillor who was Labeaume’s political protégé. Labeaume, who leans further to the right, was running for the Quebec Forte et Fière party, which is similar to Plante’s Projet Montreal in its emphasis on greening the city both in terms of parks and carbon production.

What a brilliant woman

Savard had already spoken, jubilantly thanking Quebecers for their support, when the voters’ choice was obvious.

Premier François Legault even praised her on Twitter before posting late last night to explain he’d been too hasty, even using the emoji for a stressed-out person smiling anxiously.

On Monday morning, Savard admitted defeat and stated that she would not request a recount and said she would not make several extra comments regarding the outcome. “The pain has gone on long enough,” Brouillette wrote. “What a brilliant woman!” exclaims the audience.

Source: CTV News

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