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Major Expansion for Beenox in Québec City

Québec, December 15, 2020 – Beenox, one of Quebec City’s leading video game studios, today announced an ambitious expansion plan in support of the Call of Duty franchise. Indeed, the studio, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision, is recruiting for more than 100 roles in the coming year. With the arrival of new creative mandates for the studio and a continuing involvement in the blockbuster franchise Call of Duty, Beenox is scouting for the world’s top talent.

“Employees recruited from abroad will literally fall under the spell of Québec City. In addition to discovering the richness of our culture and 400-year heritage, newcomers will quickly feel at home thanks to the warm welcome for which Quebecer’s are famous,” says Régis Labeaume, Quebec City Mayor.

“As we increase our ongoing support across creative, design and environment development opportunities within the franchise, this is a superb opportunity to showcase the talents and expertise of our team, as well as our ability to work on ambitious, creative and stimulating projects,” said Nour Polloni, newly Co-Studio Head at Beenox.

Beenox banking on its know-how

Beenox has worked closely with Treyarch and Raven Software on the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, in which the studio continues to lead the development of the PC version. Thanks to its versatility and agility, the studio has built a strong reputation for its ability to deliver superior-quality AAA video games.

Beenox also continues to provide key development support for Call of Duty: Warzone working closely with Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Treyarch, including the creation of new content for the upcoming seasons.

“Since its launch in March 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone fans everywhere have enjoyed the incredible gameplay and experiences. With more than 85 million players, we couldn’t be more excited to continue to work closely with all of the other Call of Duty teams to bring amazing new content to come,” said Thomas Wilson, Co-Studio Head at Beenox.

Renovations and expansion

With the aim to hire over 100 new employees, Beenox has begun to implement its plan to renovate and expand the studio’s working space in the building located at 305 Charest Blvd. in Quebec City.

“To accommodate future growth, we are looking at securing additional floors in the Charest Boulevard building. Our new offices will be laid out in accordance with industry best practices in terms of collaborative work. We want people to want to come to the studio and feel as good, if not better, than they do at home,” says Thomas Wilson.

Key partners for large-scale recruitment

Beenox will be launching a recruitment campaign to fill several positions, including programming, game and interface design, and artistic creation. The studio will collaborate with Quebec International and the Québec EPIX niche to identify and recruit the best talent from around the world.

“Québec International and Québec EPIX, the techno creativity in video games, animation, and immersive experiences cluster, are pleased to support this major expansion of BEENOX in Québec City. The announcement made today attests that Québec City is a cutting-edge tech region that stands out on internationally for its ingenuity and creativity within this industry. This expansion will unquestionably play a direct role in job creation, helping reinforce the attraction of talent to the territory, ” says Carl Viel, Québec International President and CEO.

“Founded in Québec City in 2000, Beenox has carved out an enviable position in the world of video game development. Today’s announcement regarding the creation of 100 high-quality jobs in the Capitale-Nationale region shows once again just how critical the video game industry is to spurring Québec’s economic development. What’s more, the industry is helping to attract new investment and new talent from the world over. The team at Activision and Beenox can count on us for support and assistance with this reinvestment and its future projects, ” explained Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International.

The studio has, in fact, already begun the recruiting process. Specifically, Beenox has taken the necessary steps to attract candidates from abroad to settle in Quebec City and will soon be deploying targeted campaigns in French-speaking countries.

About Beenox

Beenox Open a new windowis a world-class video game development studio based in Quebec City since 2000. A wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Publishing Inc., a world leader in developing, publishing, and distributing interactive entertainment products, Beenox has a highly qualified team of game developers who are proud to succeed together. Their mission: to create games made memorable for their superior craftsmanship and creativity.

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