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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ace Actor Matthew Sauvé Shares 5 Pro Tips to Make It Big in Hollywood

If you’re looking for an icon to inspire you, studying One Night Stand actor Matthew Sauvé’s career and life advice will only point you in the right direction. The multi-award-winning Canadian star has a unique perspective on making it big at the box office; in a recent chat, he shares tips for actors aspiring to become a household name in Hollywood.

Say No to Regrets & Worry

Matthew says, “Stop regretting yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow.” It’s important to be happy and grateful for what you have now whilst reaching for more.

Steer clear of “What Will Others Think?”

Worrying too much about what others think will cripple your creativity, its important to get into the habit of doing the audition and letting go of the outcome, leave the room, and don’t think about it again. “Nothing is personal in this business, so your resilience to not get phased by rejection can only help.” Leonardo Di Caprio had auditions every day from the age of 14-16 years old; he was on the verge of quitting altogether before he got his big break.

Follow your Heart

Follow your heart, “you’re never too old or too young to follow your dreams, it’s important to not ignore that nagging voice in your head guiding you towards something better suited for your skills and personality.”

Learn to ignore Naysayers

Have a thick skin, especially when it comes to social media, no matter how big a star you become, there’ll always be a group of people that don’t like you.

Enjoy your work

Love what you do, and the industry will love you back, having fun is vital to help creativity flow; pursue a career in acting for love, not financial rewards.

Despite burning ambition for success, Matthew Sauvé insists that family is the most important thing, and you can see the love pouring from his soul when speaking about his daughter Anna. An avid follower of the ‘six degrees of separation’ belief, he works hard to maintain connections and build bridges in all walks of life. Networking is important. Matthew says, “I met some of my best friends at film festivals where I went purely to network.”

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