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Monday, February 26, 2024

Ahmad Mansour: Taking over the car rental industry in the Middle East

Ahmad Mansour is a young business talent who with his grit and passion has been making a unique niche for himself in the car rental industry.

The more closely we look around ourselves, the more we get to know how different individuals from different parts of the world have been giving in their all to pursue their dreams and make it huge in their areas of interest. The business of car rentals has also been one which has seen a sudden rise in the past few years, thanks to the newness and passion that youngsters exude in growing the industry. One such rising name is Ahmad Mansour, hailing from Sydney, Australia, but the one who has taken over the car rental business in Dubai.

He was born in 1989 and since an early age loved all kinds of supercars. Gradually, to own his super fleet of cars became his passion and in 2018, he decided to move to Dubai to pursue his dreams in the same. Realizing the umpteen numbers of opportunities that Dubai could give him, Ahmad Mansour grabbed all of those and started optimizing the same to eventually open his own car rental business in the form of ‘Luxury Supercar Rentals’ in Dubai.

The idea of this business came to this youngster when he realized his spent a lot on renting cars while on holidays and as Dubai only seemed to grow in the tourism niche as well, he thought to step foot into the industry himself and create his unique niche as a business owner, running a successful luxury car rental business. The road till here for Ahmad Mansour was not easy and he did his research, learnt many things along the way and also took inspiration from concepts in Las Vegas to use it in Dubai with his business.

Money and success have always motivated Ahmad Mansour, and this is probably the reason, he developed this confidence and self-belief in his journey to reach a comfortable position in life, where he can be called a successful car rental business owner, who offers the best fleet of supercars to all his clients at unbelievable rates. To know more, follow him on Instagram @ahmed.amwell

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