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Monday, February 26, 2024

Beauty and Excellence With Dr. Chad Deal

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This frequently-cited adage highlights the supposed superficiality and subjectivity of physical beauty. Although there is a kernel of truth to this saying, it belies and contradicts how those who are generally considered beautiful are often intentionally or unconsciously offered certain societal advantages throughout their lives. Being conventionally beautiful confers a wide range of advantages, with people who are generally perceived as attractive being more likely to be hired and trusted, and more likely to live healthier and happier lives. While beauty remains undeniably a subject of personal taste, it is equally undeniable that society has widely-accepted standards that influence how most people think and feel about someone based solely on their personal appearance.

Simultaneously, the most critical aspect of one’s physical appearance is when we have ourselves as our beholder. Scientific studies have long linked our own perceptions regarding our personal attractiveness as playing a significant role in our confidence and overall self-esteem. Looking good, or even simply feeling good about how we look, therefore has a ripple effect that increases one’s overall quality of life due to improvements in various aspects, including romantic desirability, everyday social interaction, and even professional prospects.

This significance has made the medical practice of cosmetic surgery increasingly popular and acceptable in mainstream society. The popularity of both surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has been on the rise in the US, with 18 million people undergoing such procedures in the US alone in 2018.

With the drastic impact, a cosmetic procedure could have on one’s life, not to mention matters of safety for a surgical procedure, choosing the right cosmetic surgery practice is extremely important in ensuring that one gets the best safety, quality, and cost for the desired procedure. In fact, a quality cosmetic surgery service will even include focused and closed coordination with beauty professionals to ensure that a patient gets the procedure that will best meet their goals.

Through a combination of extensive experience, exceptional skill, and a unique artistic vision, triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chad Deal has successfully performed over 4,800 surgical cosmetic procedures. He is an active member of various professional academic organizations in cosmetic surgery and medicine. He is responsible for the annual training of talented surgeons from all over the United States. He has distinguished his practice Southern Surgical Arts through intensive in-patient consultations, a well-trained and highly-experienced medical staff, and meticulous commitment to safety with strict adherence to established medical practices. Through these, Southern Surgical Arts became the first facility in the US to earn the Center of Excellence in Plastic Surgery and Body Contouring accreditations from the nonprofit Surgical Review Corporation.

More recently, Southern Surgical Arts rose from the competition through their unique and proactive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Correctly predicting the severe impact of the pandemic from as early as March 2020, Dr. Deal was able to overhaul his medical practice to focus on virtual consultations, use of social media, and the creation of health-, fitness-, and beauty-oriented online content. Dr. Deal combined his foresight with an ample amount of effort, working 12 to 15 hours from home during the pandemic in order to deliver more than 20 consultations a day while managing and creating the practice’s online content.

Dr. Deal’s efforts for Southern Surgical Arts paid off in spades. Today, his Instagram account has almost 500,000 followers tuning in to his promotional but educational content. The increase in social media engagement has manifested itself with concrete impacts on the growth of Dr. Deal’s personal brand and that of Southern Surgical Arts, with people from as far as New York and California flying to its location in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With 50 employees and over $9.5 million in gross revenues for 2020, the resulting growth has allowed the practice to grow from a local to a national company despite the pandemic.

You can learn more about Dr. Deal through his Instagram at @drhidef.ssa and through the Southern Surgical Arts website.

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