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Couture Gowns & Dresses Never Go Out of Fashion – Adam Edelberg

A well-cut and designed dress or gown can add symmetry, sparkle, sophistication, shape, and style to any wearer, but a couture garment takes it to the next level; just ask fashion designer Adam Edelberg.

Growing up in Berlin, Edelberg was exposed from an early age to the old-world charm and nuance which defines that famous city. As someone who readily admits that fashion was his passion since he was a little boy, Edelberg began to associate couture gowns and dresses as the ultimate expression of his beloved city’s aesthetic ideals and values.

“Fashion, by its very nature, has an extremely transitory dynamic,” explains Edelberg. Today’s trends can often be found in tomorrow’s bargain bins, and it can make a person dizzy, spinning on the perpetual merry-go-round of what’s hot and what’s not. That’s why I love the timeless style and understated elegance of couture gowns and dresses. They’re one-of-a-kind and poignantly prove that trends are temporary but true class is forever.”

As the new kid on the block in London’s highly competitive fashion scene, Edelberg was always determined to make his name in an area of his industry defined by its use of the highest quality fabrics and material.

Edelberg says, “Couture gowns and dresses are hand-sewn and take upwards of 300 hours to complete. They are custom-made for individual clients and are an expression of that person’s unique character. It’s fashion which is timeless, and I was fortunate enough to create couture gowns and dresses for a select group of people from around the world who appreciate the artistic values and craftsmanship involved.”

As an assistant designer to the German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, Edelberg has styled such icons and luminaries as Lady Gaga. Yet, as it did with so many people, the COVID-19 pandemic heralded a significant change in Edelberg’s life and led to a dramatic career change.

Edelberg reveals, “During the lockdown, I began to research a lot on finance. As someone who has a BA in economics, it reawakened my innate love of everything related to finance. I decided the time was right to try something new, and so I became a financial consultant and wealth manager.”

Trusting his work ethic and attention to detail, Edelberg’s fashion clients have since become his financial clients, whom he now advises on investment and money management.

Edelberg says, “Just as couture gowns and dresses will never go out of fashion, neither will sound financial advice. If I can help my clients to manage their money well, they’ll have more to spare on couture gowns, and that way, everyone’s a winner.”

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