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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Dr. William J Rahal explains how AI can unlock the plastic surgery industry’s growth potential

Dr. William J Rahal, a well-known cosmetic plastic surgeon from the US, believes Artificial Intelligence could blaze a trail to a new era of advances in aesthetic medicine.

Emerging tech trends and innovations have changed the dynamics of different fields in ways more than one. Amidst this, we ask how medical and plastic surgery could benefit from such advancements? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually making its presence felt in the cosmetics and aesthetics industry. Dr. William J Rahal, a well-known and board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, believes that doctors could use AI in the future to achieve better surgical results.

Dr. William J Rahal says that it will be essential to understand how AI will understand and define beauty. It will have to perform facial analysis and gather crucial data and indicators like skin tone, facial symmetry, etc., to achieve the objective analysis. The healthcare system of the world has been collecting a mammoth of information and data, profiling people on different factors, allowing AI researchers to explore the usability of ML – Machine learning in the industry of cosmetics and aesthetics.

Dr. William J Rahal says that AI is a powerful tool, and it helps doctors and surgeons access complex clinical data for making individual decisions. AI is something that will continue to contribute heavily to plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery’s progress. It will also help in creating historical data of patients to show patterns and conditions. The tech advancement will analyze the historical data for developing algorithms and delivering knowledge to doctors. Artificial Intelligence can also be useful in hand surgery, burn surgery, peripheral nerve, craniofacial surgery, and aesthetic surgery.

“As AI continues its strides in the cosmetic and beauty industry, where the machines can successfully analyze the human face with incredible clarity. AI goes ahead in automating the beautification and makeover services, recommending the best surgery experts,” says Dr. William J Rahal. The special connection between beautification surgeries and AI technology improves the human’s appearance and gives a new meaning to the world of cosmetics and beauty.

Dr. William J Rahal sees AI to gain a more permanent footing in the industry, where its impact will spread across the health and wellness industry. Artificial Intelligence will help patients connect to their doctors and plastic surgeons, help doctors understand the patient profile with their historical data and make decisions accordingly to give them the best cosmetic surgical results.

The board-certified plastic surgeon from Staten Island runs a successful practice at Beverly Hills, working to provide value to his patients’ lives through his treatments and surgeries.

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