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Jose Gaytan Latin Influencer Entrepreneur

Earning money is not a big thing these days as it used to be in the past decades. The only considerations in this regard are hard work and risk-taking capabilities. Most people are just unable to take risks, while a few make it seem effortless. It is only the people who take big risks are the ones to take home even bigger rewards. And when it comes to being the innovators of  the financial industry, we cannot forget PHP agency and the unique business model it has created. It was not long ago when Jose and Marlene Gaytan helped start PHP Agency in October 2009. Jose says,” The excitement of the “what if’s”, and a shot at making history, and the anticipation of what’s to come, were the things that set them on the journey of starting a company.” He further continues, “Knowing that we were part of a tight knit group of risk takers and being led by a friend, business coach, and visionary, Patrick Bet David, we knew great things were ahead of us.”

Today the world looks awe-inspiringly at the fastest-growing financial services and marketing company, PHP Agency Inc. It is still a young company compared to its peers in the financial sector, yet it is already 17,000 agents strong of a team. TGA (The Great Awakening) is known as the 50% team of PHP Agency as it represents nearly half of all the agents of the company. They have offices all across the United States, licensed in 49 states as of now.

There is a famous saying, big risks always follow with great rewards, and their collaboration is living proof of it. Team TGA are the largest field equity shareholders of PHP Agency, Inc, which is a privately-owned company. And they have serious plans of becoming a multi-billion dollar company soon. Jose and Marlene were committed to backing each other up as they were building the company. There is something indeed special that happens when two people are fully committed to one another. Also, having people around you with the same kind of energy as your own is very important. Together, this power couple motivates and inspires other aspiring couples to work alongside each other and build something they can be proud of in life. It is a general fact that usually having a life-partner in the same industry in the corporate world ends with increased distances. And, defying all odds, this couple has proved that anything is achievable in this world when you have the right person beside you. In the words of Jose,” If you are reading this in 2021, I want you to know that we talked about these days ten years ago: the EXPLOSION phase of the business! There has never been a better time than today. Take the Leap of faith and chase your dreams. The time is now.” Follow Jose at @jfgaytan on Instagram for updates.

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