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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Real estate agent Dave Panozzo and his team is one of the top 10 in Phoenix for Homesmart

After overcoming many hurdles, he did not stop before making it to the very top.

Dave’s team focused on the real estate agent ship those were working for Homesmart brokerage. The geographical area of Phoenix was his target. They were mainly known for completing tasks in some way different from their competitors. The clients’ first choice was all time – Panozzo team, if they were to take up any decision related to the buying and selling of resident real estate in Phoenix. Dave gave his clients first class customer service, which allowed them to prosper more. Very soon, in the near future, the Panozzo team will be visible in the HGTV House Hunters. The team with their leader is planning to open an application for Android /IOS software for staying organised.

But at the starting point of Dave’s career, he faced a lot of challenges. He opted out of college, started as a photo seller and then went into the career of home flipping. Initially, he had received job in a car company , but he then left it. He took home flipping for full time. Well, the market got down and he failed there. Again, he stood up and started up a new business which involved trading of granite. No, matter how hard he tried, he again failed. He got back to the car business which again was a flop. Now, at this time, he buckled up and start a team of eight people alongside his wife Kim – Panozzo team.

The great preachings of Dave include – “Make it a Great Day”, “Bringing you the American Dream” are all for his clients. He is to intake new employees who have basic experience in this field and also who can be coached properly. He has provided us with the best idea, that, we first need to know our own selves and then start endeavouring for our future. Planning is another important part where everyone should be focused on to stay out of failing. Dark days do not last forever is something that is strongly believed by Dave Panozzo. Well,  here’s wishing him all the success for keeping up with the great work.

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