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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Hockey player pounds 15-year-old official during a match in Eastern Townships


Key takeaways: 

  • The player is to be suspended for at least the remainder of the season; more penalties could follow, the league states.
  • The player struck the 15-year-old official after being ejected from a hockey match.

15-year-old official attacked by a player: 

A 15-year-old hockey linesman is healing after being battered by a player during Sunday’s under-18 match in the Eastern Townships.

The Sherbrooke Phoenix hockey team member was disappointed regarding being removed during a U18 match against the Dynamik de Coaticook.

After getting a penalty, the player was initially directed toward the squad bench. The 15-year-old official footed in and seemed to ask him to leave the ice surface and then accompanied him to the door. 

A video capturing the confrontation shows the player becoming aggressive toward the linesman, to the point where the Phoenix goaltender intervened.

The player then seems to be making his way off the playing surface, but only before leaving, he runs toward the linesman, grabs him, and hits him in the face.

Referees and members of both squads stepped in to attempt and stop the fight.

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Hockey player hit a 15 year old official

President of the Coaticook Minor Hockey Association, Philippe Laprise, defined the happening as a “severe and unequivocal attack.”

Fortunately, he states, the linesman is doing well because his visor rescued him.

Sending a precise message

According to Laprise, the player has been suspended for at least the remainder of the season and further considered by a disciplinary committee.

“We will have to see if he has a record,” said Laprise.

“A suspension is all well and fine, but if we don’t support and we don’t supervise, it could occur again at any time,” he stated.

Laprise says a detailed message must be sent to young hockey players, so this behavior does not happen again.

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