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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Cyberattacks pounded two Quebec factories


Key takeaways: 

  • The hacker behind the invasions is not, however, known.
  • The Alouette aluminum factory in Sept-Îles, Que., has kept production despite undergoing a cyberattack on Feb. 25.

Factories in Quebec impacted by cyberattack: 

Two Quebec plants are fixing their computer systems after encountering recent cyberattacks.

The Alouette aluminum factory in Sept-Îles and the Bridgestone tire plant in Joliette were targets of different cyberattacks Friday and Sunday, respectively.

Bridgestone has ceased production in all its plants in North America and Latin America while it shows an internal probe.

Joliette Mayor Pierre-Luc Bellerose said the firm employs about 1,300 individuals in Joliette, approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Montreal.

The aluminum factory operates approximately 900 kilometers northeast of Montreal in Quebec’s North Shore province, but emails and landline phone assistance are interrupted. 

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Two Quebec factories hit by Cyberattack

Jean Simard, the Canadian Aluminum Association general manager, states Alouette is an excellent prey for cyberattacks since aluminum smelters are supposed strategic infrastructure in Canada.

Recuperating from cyberattacks, he states, can also be expensive for businesses.

“There’s reputational damage also with the markets that are very necessary,” he stated.

Cybersecurity specialist Claude Vigeant states attacks are expected and are usually made for funds. He also alerted that hacking is bound to grow with Russia’s aggression of Ukraine.

“It’s nearly a certainty that it will cause more and more cyberattacks, particularly on the supply chain,” he stated. The hacker and their motive for carrying out the cyberattacks are anonymous.

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