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A bomb of World War II times blasted in Munich, injuring 4 people

A bomb from World War II blasts in Munich, injuring four people and disrupting trains. On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, firefighters, police officers, and railway employees stand on a railway site in Munich, Germany.

According to German authorities, a Second World War bomb burst at a building site along a popular train line in Munich on Wednesday, wounding four persons, one of whom was critically injured.

Near the Donnersbergerbruecke station, a plume of smoke was also seen rising. A new passenger train line is being built on the approach to Munich’s central station, which is a little more than a kilometre (about a half-mile) to the east.

Trains to and from that station, one of Germany’s biggest, were suspended until mid-afternoon when service was resumed. Several local trains were halted. The tracks were not damaged, according to the fire department.

Unexploded bombs are still being located in Germany 76 years after the war ended and are regularly discovered when working on construction sites. They are normally neutralized or destroyed in controlled explosions, which may need large-scale rescue operations as a precaution.

According to German news agency dpa, interior minister of Bavaria state, Joachim Herrmann, claimed the 250-kilogram (550-pound) device was discovered during drilling operations.

Authorities, according to Herrmann, must now look into why it wasn’t identified sooner. He pointed out that such building sites are typically checked for unexploded explosives in advance.

Source: CTV News

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