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A major fire in Hong Kong building; 770 people rescued and 13 hospitalised

770 people rescued by firefighters in Hong Kong

Hundreds of people were saved from a Hong Kong building fire, and 13 people were hospitalised. A tense moment unfolded in Hong Kong on Wednesday when a fire broke out at the World Trade Centre in the city’s famed Causeway Bay, forcing more than 700 people to be rescued.

On Wednesday, firemen evacuated hundreds of people who were trapped on the roof of a Hong Kong building when a big fire broke out. The fire department stated that the blaze had been put out some hours later.

Hundreds of people crammed into tight areas of an open-air area on the fifth floor, gazing over the edge as they await rescue, additional to those on the roof. To get to them, firemen used an extension ladder. According to Ng Yau Sheung, the senior divisional officer of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, firemen rescued 770 people from the building. He stated that another 40 persons were left on their own.

Police reported at least 13 people were sent to the hospital for treatment. Three of them were injured, while ten others were affected by smoke inhalation. The fire occurred in the early afternoon at the World Trade Centre on Gloucester Road in the city’s famed Causeway Bay shopping district, according to an official notice. The 38-story tower comprises offices as well as a shopping complex.

Dense smoke billowed from the structure, and photographs and videos taken by those stuck inside showed limited visibility as smoke filled the skyscraper’s eateries and stairwells. The fire started on the building’s lowest two floors, which are occupied by a mall that is undergoing substantial renovations, according to authorities.

Source: CBC News

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