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Air pollution’s worsening level; Fog all over the India capital considers lockdown

Schools have been closed indefinitely, and a few coal-based energy plants were also closed due to the fog in the Indian capital and nearby states imposed harsh measures Wednesday amid issues of a lockdown in New Delhi to fight worsening air pollutants.

India’s supreme court is considering the lockdown as a solution for the emergency. With this situation in India, controlling air pollution has overpowered the situation of controlling coronavirus infections.

Despite being not sure of the further consequences, the Delhi government wishes to impose an emergency weekend lockdown similar to the one imposed during the pandemic. The Supreme court’s decision is awaited, which is expected to be received by Nov. 24.

The authorities are discussing various factors as to whether the industries should be remained open, to what extent situations can be solved with such a lockdown and on the other hand, the disruptions to the economy and living of a number of people will be affected.

Besides the closure of schools, the Commission for Air Quality Management ordered construction activities to shut down till Nov. 21 and also banned vehicles sporting non-essential goods. The panel additionally directed the states to “encourage” working from home for half of the personnel in all private offices.

Despite a few developments in New Delhi air during the last two days, readings of risky particles Wednesday have been seven times higher than the safety levels, with a higher of 300 micrograms per cubic meter in various regions of the city.

The World Health Organization designates the secure stage for the tiny, toxic particles at 25. The capital has regularly experimented with restricting the number of vehicles on the street to decrease vehicular emissions, the use of huge anti-smog guns and halting construction activity. But the results were not much fruitful.

Source: CP24

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