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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Myanmar army truck knocked down a peaceful march of demonstrators; three people dead

Soldiers approach anti-coup demonstrators in Myanmar

Survivors and a protest leader claimed an army truck rammed into a peaceful march of anti-government demonstrators in Myanmar’s largest city on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of three people.

At least three marches were staged in Yangon on Sunday. Similar gatherings were recorded in other nation areas a day before the first of roughly a dozen criminal charges against Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was deposed in a military coup on Feb. 1.

According to a witness, the demonstrators had only been on his street for two minutes when the military truck slammed them, leaving three persons unconscious on the road.

“About five armed troops stepped out of the van and ran after the demonstrators,” said the witness, who requested anonymity because he was afraid of being arrested. “They opened fire and detained young kids who had been struck by the vehicle. At least ten persons have been detained.”

In their early 20s and badly wounded, two men and a woman were sent to a military hospital for treatment, according to a worker with a crisis rescue team who also requested anonymity. According to state television, 11 protestors were detained, three of them were hurt.

Since the army assumed control, security personnel have used vehicles to strike demonstrators. According to a thorough list published by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, they have also freely used live bullets, killing around 1,300 people.

Because the army and police have used fatal force, there have been fewer large-scale public protests, which have been substituted by tiny, swiftly planned marches that generally disband at first sight of the authorities. On Sunday, the deaths in Yangon’s Kyeemyindaing area could not be reported right away.

Source: CTV News

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